Don’t Tell Me Tales

Don’t Tell Me Tales 2009




10 January-7 February 2009 / Gallery Apel – Istanbul

in response to ambiguous expressions or vague explanations uttered to avoid our questions or expectations , we get tired and find this sentence at the tip of our tongue,  ‘do not tell me tales!’ 

these works also constitute the reply  ‘do not tell me tales!’ that I told myself at some point, with no one to address.  to what extent  my other side is taking this reminder seriously, it is not possible to know.

but we artists will continue to tell our tales… our tales will multiply as the reality in our lives gets heavy. here, together with our viewers, with a deeper punctuation, we will reveal that our tales create an opportunity to breathe, that we are in a world of illusions where one lives with a different feeling of reality…































From Proust’s Garden… / Wooden Books / 2008