Notes for families only

 Notes for families only – 2000 – El Hamra Art Gallery – Istanbul




Notes  for  “Families Only”

For  this exhibition, as materials, I used furniture parts… doors from kitchen cabinets and wardrobes. In my opinion, as we live with these mundane items, they not only accompany us, but also witness the events in our lives. When we recall childhood memories, haven’t we all at one time passionately desired to paint on the walls or furniture in our parents homes even though it was forbidden? As they carefully guarded their possessions our parents forgot that our actions were instinctual and that our aim was not to destroy. For me, the pencil or crayon lines were not enough, I wanted to carve as well as to paint. I could become “high” from the pleasure obtained from this touch.Works presented in this show began as references  to these past feelings and memories, but I have combined them with child-like states from my present life.

During this process, I suddenly realized that this childhood game continues for me, even thdugh it’s importance has changed.


Raziye Kubat  / 2000 / Istanbul